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  • 21/6/2018
    The Synarchy Of Naught was released today.

  • 5/5/2018
    Project name changed to Vres.

  • 6/6/2017
    Invictus was released yesterday.

  • 17/1/2016
    I remastered the Vega EP and it is available on my Bandcamp page.

  • Vres - The Synarchy Of Naught (2018)

    Vres - Sixty Shades Of Naught A/B

    Vres is a Finnish-South Korean one man experimental/progressive metal project, founded in 2010.

    "Genuine fresh sounds."

    "These are genuinely good riffs"

    "this sounds very promising and well thought out"

    "Man, the work you put in your content is out of this world!"

    Vres is also known for creating extremely accurate instrumental cover songs, available at YouTube, or the Miscellanous Files link below.

    Miscellaneous Files

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